You are invited to the launch of a customer profile report and exhibition by the Sustainable and Inclusive Digital Financial Services (SIDFS) initiative of the Lagos Business School. The event tagged, Customer Segmentation Framework Launch and Exhibition, is a unique display and presentation of the profiles of financially excluded citizens in Nigeria. The launch and exhibition will provide an opportunity for stakeholders of the financial service industry to experience and learn more about the different Nigerians who live day to day without financial services. This will aid them in developing better products and services which will further enhance financial inclusion.
This event will see the launch of the Customer Segmentation Framework (CSF) report as well as a specially curated exhibition which portrays the personas of the customer segments identified. The exhibition in particular, is an artistic presentation of the findings of the study which we hope will be an eye-opening and enriching experience, introducing attendees to the different customer personas developed from the study.

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