Sustainable and Inclusive Digital Financial Services (SIDFS) is a university-based research and advocacy initiative with the goal of creating an inclusive ecosystem for financial services. Through focused research as well as active engagement with all stakeholders in the industry, we further the case for financial inclusion.

Founded in 2015 at Lagos Business School, SIDFS is the first research center for digital financial services, financial literacy and financial inclusion established at a Nigerian management school. Our modus operandi combines a pragmatic approach to responsible market development with an evidence-based advocacy platform to inform policy and influence key decision makers in the industry.


Our team of experts, constantly research the DFS industry to produce insights which will guide policy reforms, amendments and regulatory frameworks to aid financial inclusion efforts

We work with policy makers, financial service providers, regulators, the private sector and donors in a bid to revamp the regulatory landscape of the financial services ecosystem, making it inclusive and sustainable.

Our focus is on enabling sustainable solutions to drive financial inclusion. Our areas of interest include Digital Financial Services, Microfinance and Banking, Micro, small and medium Enterprise Financing and Digital Finance


Best Practices

Produce evidence-based practices for DFS that would capture a focused understanding of practices and characteristics.

Market Policies

Recommend market enabling policies for the sustainability of DFS in Nigeria

DFS Models

Develop understanding of global and inclusive DFS models that show promise of profitability in serving the poor.

Information Dissemination

Disseminate findings by execution of a strategic outreach plan to inform and promote actionable business models for digital financial services.

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